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Creating Sustainability
Canopy Consulting Inc. builds far more then tours.
Bradds consulting and tours helps to create…

Economic impact-

Year round and seasonal employment throughout an entire community. CCI can help lead the way to build your local economy. A tour operation can employ management, guides, office staff, maintenance personnel and drivers. Bradds consulting work and tours brings tens of thousands of consumers annually to an area. Outside of the tour operation the rest of the community can benefit from the influx of consumers into their market.

Employment created:

  • Tour operators, reservationists,
  • shuttle drivers, taxis, bartenders, restaurant and hotel workers,
  • gas station and convenience stores clerks, mechanics, and cleaning staff

Environmental impact-

  • Reuse of trees removed during the installation.
  • Most tours require no energy to operate.
  • Our annual carbon foot print is very small.

Social impact-

  • Tours helps to develop a community
  • A tourist town creates hospitality within.
  • Highlighting the best of your area