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Bradd Morse knows in this industry each project is unique. Nothing he does comes in a box. This is where Bradd’s 37 years of diverse business experience in adventure tourism comes in. Bradd understands rugged terrain, and difficult design situations better then anyone. Bradd has built businesses, and managed projects in the cities, in the mountains, the jungles, and the deserts of the world.

  • Master Designer of custom adventure tour activities
  • Designing the master plan for the tour property
  • Television, Movies, Commercials, Music Videos
  • Expert designer of unique custom tour vehicles
  • Design interior & exterior of retail & office space
  • Marketing, media, and promotional strategies
  • Safety equipment custom designing and sales
  • Trainings programs for guides and office staff
  • Safety inspections and safety programs
  • Work with local engineers and builders
  • Short and long term strategic thinking