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Canopy Walkways (Non-Belayed)

These walkways are designed to allow your guests the freedom of moving through the trees without the need of personal safety gear. These Canopy Walkways have high side rails supported by steel cables, and ropes covered with a safety netting. These bridges are usually accompanied by state of the art platforms with rails.

When it comes to canopy tour platforms Canopy Tours Inc. is the best in the industry. We always over engineer our structures, while never losing our focus on the aesthetics of the design. Canopy platforms come in all shapes and sizes – some are in the canopy and others might be ground landings and departures. Canopy Tours Inc. offers several choices in decking materials, and railing systems. We offer industry specific materials based on your climate and usage(example: ski resorts use a non slip lightweight grading to manage snow loads and slipping). All platforms are made with custom designed steel powder coated corner and mounting brackets as well as laminate beams. Most of our canopy tour platform designs can be modified to accommodate walls and a roof creating a private oasis in the trees. Our designer will help you make the right choices based on your environment, your budget and your goals.

Canopy Bridges (Belay Required)

The design is similar to the Canopy walkway except there is no netting and the sides are lower. All participants will need to be attached to a belay system and be wearing a harness and helmet while on these activities.

Each Bridge is custom designed and hand made to meet our clients needs.

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